Investment Criteria

Investment Process

Class B or C+ stable value add properties in Class B/C+ areas in emerging markets. Focus on cash flow and forced appreciation via improving operations.
We achieve this by:
Partnering with experienced operators with a proven track record

Carefully selecting markets that meet our criteria of population growth, job growth, income growth, and job diversity.
Sourcing and finding assets
Our partners have strong broker relationships through constant communication, solid offers, and a reputation as a leader in the space. We gain access to off-market deals as a result of our reputation for closing deals quickly.
Prudently and conservatively underwriting properties to ensure they meet our investment criteria. Our conservative financial modeling informs our offer process, and we pursue far more deals than we’re awarded, roughly 100 to 1, as we will not compromise our criteria or overpay for an asset.
Touring Assets
Partnering with experienced operators who live and knows the market. They constantly tour the target markets and develop a comprehensive outlook on each asset prior to the acquisition
We are securing the right financing based on the business strategy for the underlying asset.
Due Diligence
Performing detailed due diligence.
Execute business plan
Carefully curating the right local property management team to execute on the business plan and collaboratively managing the asset to achieve optimal returns.
Investment Process

Full cycle of Transaction

Step 1

Find a property that meets our investment and market criteria

Step 2

Submit a Letter Of Intent

Step 3

Negotiate The Purchase And Sale Agreement

Step 4

Conduct Through Due Diligence

Step 5

Secure Financing and Rise Capital.

Step 6

Communicate With Investors

Step 7

Complete Investor Diligence and Documentation. Investors confirm commitments and wire proceeds

Step 8

Fund and Close.

Step 9

Take Over the Asset and Begin Business Plan Execution

Step 10

Continue Ongoing Communicator with Investors via monthly updates. Send periodic (monthly or quarterly) distributions.

Step 11

Refinance or sell the property to return investor's capital and target returns.